Add 5-10% ARR to your bottom-line.

by reducing your average discount %


The problem

Typical enterprise vendors offer software discounts in the range of 15-30%+. If you're a $100mm ARR company, with a 20% average discount %, you are forfeiting $20mm in recurring revenue. A nominal improvement to your average discount percentage will have material impact on your financials.  

Lean Into price transparency

The key to reducing your average discount percentage is to invest in price transparency. Standardized product prices will help your customer-facing team close more business by leading a transparent sales process.

Verify your Pricing, by employee size

In order for your standardized prices and discount practices to be trusted, they must be verified. Conducting a Pricing Audit requires minimal work and produces material results. Our team conducts a quarterly benchmark audit and attests to your Average Sales Price per customer employee segment. 

The ROI of Price Attestation

Price verification can lead to a 5-10% reduction in your average discount rate. That is material savings to your bottom-line.

Ready to strengthen your bottom-line?