Centralized Software Purchasing

Save Time & Money; Buy Centrally

Net-New Software purchases

We know the difference between a good price and the right price. When you are ready to add to your software stack, don't go at it alone. By leveraging our benchmark pricing data, we can help you realize significant savings--and time. 

  • Centralized purchasing process
  • Competitive price-benchmarking
  • Vendor negotiations

Net-new Purchase services are based on a monthly retainer + savings commission.

Contract Renewal Management

Mid-term upsell and end-of-term renewals is the ideal time to renegotiate your contract. Our team of Purchase Experts leverage benchmark pricing and term data to ensure that you are paying the right price and are receiving optimal terms, from every vendor.

  • Proactively engage vendor 90+ days from renewal
  • Renegotiate vendor contracts
  • Pay-for-performance 

Renewal engagements are pay-for-performance. We make money as we save you money.