Fractional Procurement = 💰

What is fractional procurement?

Fractional procurement is an outsourced and lightweight purchasing function for high growth companies. Fractional procurement provides the benefits of an in-house procurement, without additional headcount. High-growth companies are experiencing 3 growth consistencies: headcount, revenue, and software expense. Fractional procurement empowers your current software buyers, while helping you save 25-50% on your SaaS spend. 

Implementing Fractional Procurement:

To self-qualify, if your answer is 'yes' to the following, your company will receive significant savings by implementing fractional procurement: 

  • >50 employees
  • >100% YoY growth
  • >$15mm revenue 
  • >$500k SaaS spend

Fact-based Procurement

Data is the biggest asset to a success procurement function. And, our fractional procurement teams have a critical advantage: benchmarking data. We know what to buy (evaluation), when to buy it (timing), and how to buy it (price). We serve as your purchasing trusted advisor, while complementing & empowering your internal teams to realize additional savings. 

Speed + Autonomy

High-growth organizations require speed, adaptability, and autonomy. Our fractional procurement services are geared to fuel your existing operations. We operate in conjunction with your finance and operation teams, to help make the right purchasing decisions, while solving for speed and independence. Simply put: we help your team buy smarter, faster, and for the right price. 

Fractional procurement success stories. 

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