Learn how Purchase™ is changing the landscape for software buying.


What is a GPO? 

  • GPO stands for "Group Purchasing Organization" and is created to realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume. So, in other words, it is a group of companies that get bigger vendor discounts and perks by purchasing software at the same time. 

How much does a Purchase™ Membership cost? 

  • Memberships are free dot com. All of our Member services are complimentary.

How does Purchase™ make money?

  • Vendors pay to be affiliated with Purchase™ (either via a subscription fee and/or sales commission). So, when we help you buy software and save money, we also benefit. This is why Purchase™ is a free service for Members.

What if no one else is purchasing the same product is me? 

  • No sweat! Our team of professional buyers will handle the purchasing process and negotiation for you, in order to help you save money. We charge 20% of your savings. 

I applied to become a Member but haven't heard back yet--how come? 

  • We evaluate all Membership applications on a monthly basis. Stay tuned!

I wasn't admitted into the Purchase Collective™--how come?

  • Currently, we are keeping our Purchase Collective™ limited in size, so that we can give our current members the attention that they need. We continue to scale our team and will be evaluating new memberships soon.

Do you help procure products from non-affiliated partners and vendors? 

  • Absolutely! Our team of purchasing experts work directly with affiliated and non-affiliated vendors. When negotiating with non-affiliated vendors, Purchase™ charges 20% of what you save. For example, if we help you save $1,000, we would take a $200 commission.