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Wondering if your company is ready for Vendor Management?

When your SaaS vendor partnerships enter the 100’s, it is time to delegate vendor management.

The Progressive IT Org:

We work with progressive IT Orgs, operating at scale. Teams tasked with creating processes that thrive at scale, while providing the right technology at the right time.

Progressive IT Orgs decide to delegate vendor management in order to maximize value delivered to the business. Your team is responsible for building scalable infrastructure, while we are responsible for ensuring that your vendors are prepared for your growth.

Customer Profile

Company Size: 250+ employees

3rd Party Software Stack: 150-500 products

Hosting Spend: $5m-20m per year

Longtail Software Spend (non-hosting): $2m-10m per year

Not operating at scale yet?

Vendr for Startups offers complementary software purchasing & education for eligible companies. Check it out.

Pricing, based on your scale.