Software Purchasing Collective

Connecting the brightest minds in BizOps, FP&A, & Procurement.


The purchasing and procurement function at scaling companies is currently isolated and fragmented. Every company is attempting to tackle the processes and obtain the data, on their own. The Purchase Collective brings together the brightest minds in BizOps, FP&A, and Procurement.

Expert knowledge pool

Scaling companies have a 40-70% overlap in software stacks. By bringing the best companies in the world together, you can learn how to maximize your current software oftentimes One of the hardest things about procuring software is understanding what package/products you need and what it should cost, for an organization of your size.

Software Pricing Comps

Your Software Concierge leverages pricing comp and benchmark data to ensure that your unit prices are fair and reasonable. You are no longer required to guess if your software rates are good or bad. Your Software Concierge works directly with your vendors to communicate your needs and accomplish your goals—while ensuring that your contract terms are built for scale.


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